what i've learnt as a new parent

it's been a 7 month journey so far as a new mother - a hell of a rollercoaster ride: highs and lows, sometimes very low - but you know what, you get through it because you have to, and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing how far you've come, not just as a parent but as a person. your life changes from the day your little one arrives and it's an ongoing learning curve from the moment your baby takes their first breath, to the first nappy you change, to the first time you bring them home, right up till their first tooth, so on and so forth until the day you take your last breath. it's been emotional, it really has, but liberating, so for those of you with not long left until the first day of the rest of your life, here's a light-hearted and very honest account of my experience and what i've learnt so far:

your life begins now, so grab it by the horns and hold on as tight as you can because it will try it's best to throw you off

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