wearing your grandma's clothes

this month i've hit the charity shops big time. my nimble fingers have been sifting through the rails, clanking hangers. if you know me well you know i have a bit of a weakness for the charity shops, it's almost impossible for me to pass one and not have a look. the way i see it is, i can justify spending money if it's cheap and going to a good cause, consequently i've become slightly addicted. the local stores really have been ticking all my boxes recently. here's what i've bagged in the last few weeks:

 firstly, we've got this beauty, a large navy Marks & Spencer's coat. it is a size 16 but luckily a like baggy clothes (pefect for wearing over a knitted jumper) and now i'm bang on trend with the oversized coat look. plus it was only £3! thank you Sue Ryder
 before i spotted the coat above, this gorgeous fur scarf hung infront of it, for only a fiver i couldn't resist. funnily enough i saw a remarkably similar one in topshop the same day for god knows how much.
 you can spot me in this combo throughout the winter months.
 the week beforehand, i saw this Laura Ashley skirt hanging in amongst the rails, it was a size 12 but thankfully my nan is nifty with her sewing needle so she altered i for me. i plan to purchase a white petticoat to wear underneath as this will give the skirt a full effect, 1950's style.

 i wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe as all my clothes consist of cream, blue and red, so of course when i saw this evergreen coloured blazer with marvelous silver buttons my eyes lit up. again this was under £5 so my purse wouldn't hate me too much for robbing it of the last note it had (that's what i tell myself anyway)
 i've had this pink silk Next shirt for a while now and haven't found the perfect item to compliment it. i fell in love with this when i spotted it - the buttons, the collar, the smooth texture, it's so elegant and classy i'm sad i haven't got much use out of it yet. but i think this combination will do it justice.

 last but not least, a few weeks ago i found this polka dot maxi skirt, i was looking for a maxi skirt online for weeks and hadn't come across one i wanted to spend £20+ on. this was again about £5 and was perfect for what i needed. this is one of my favourite items - it's versatility means i can wear it winter or summer, day time or evening, with heels or flat shoes it soon became one of my go to skirts.

before i round up this post i'm going to leave you with a little note -
i use to hate being dragged around the charity shops with my mum when i was young, it was boring and slightly embarassing, i didn't want to be seen walking in and out of.. second hand clothing stores. but as i got older i realised it's not about how much you can spend, it was then that i decided i wanted to dress how i wanted rather than fitting in with the current trends and what was on sale in River Island, so i started buying things that i actually liked and stopped fearing what other people would think.
even a year ago i would've never brought the fur scarf because i'd be too scared about what sort of looks i'd get as i walked down the street, sometimes i still doubt myself. but let me tell you something: nothing should hold you back from wearing what you like.
if i dress myself and walk out the house with confidence and poise i can hope that people think 'wow she looks bloody good!' regardless of whether i've put a lot of effort and money into my outfit or not. of course i still get the occasionall item from Zara or Topshop because you just can't rely on the charity shops for having the perfect winter coat or a decent pair of boots.
 i find by shopping at these places i promote my individualitymore so than having an entire Zara wardrobe. i want to have clothes that i'm proud to wear and show off. what you wear says a lot about your personal style and the type of person you are, it's a way of expressing yourself in a way words and actions can't and if you're not comfortable with yourself that will reflect in the things you cover yourself up with. what i've learnt about charity shopping is don't go for the bland and boring, don't buy the primark dress because it's nice, 100 other people will have the same dress, try and find something you LOVE and don't be afraid to wear what you want - however, if you genuinely like what you can find in all the high street shops then knock yourself out, go wild in New Look and H&M but just be you. be yourself. don't be afraid to like different things - you'll be admired for being an individual. just be confident and you'll always look amazing, no matter what you're wearing.
 that's all or now folks. i may keep you updated on my best charity shop finds but it's goodbye for now.
(i'm aware my 'little' note turned into a lecture but hey! i'll write what i want)

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