september, you were good to me

so the 9th month of the year has been and gone (can you believe it?!) and October has greeted us ever so promptly with some, quite premature christmas reminders and very premature christmas decorations in shop windows. but before i greet another month let us wave goodbye to the previous month.
September, you were good to me. you bought the arrival of autumn, with some odd high temperature days confusing the likes of Brits geared up for wet weather and refreshingly cold winds. you bought me bestival and an abbundance of events - including 21st birthday's and a graduating boyfriend. you were a month of gaining connections and bringing me closer to already established friends. hectic and challenging at times but you taught me that i must always make time for the people important to me but most importantly time for myself, less time on social media and more time creating a life and a future. September, you swept me up in your autumn breeze so i could hardly catch my breath but you grounded me, more than i've ever been and now here i am embarking on new adventures, so let's see what this month brings.

p.s what will you be giving up this month in conjunction with Stoptober? i'll be carrying on my social media strike, why not join me and see how you life improves by spending less time on social networks. 

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