life update

at the beginning of last year i was single, studying a-levels, working at a call centre, too shy and too in-experienced to get a decent job. i had dreams of escaping the coutnry to travel the world and worst of all i desperately lonely. it's now a year and a half later, i have a boyfriend a beautiful baby and on Saturday i got offered a job at my favourite shop - LUSH. 
it just shows how drastically life can change in such a short while: this time 2 years ago i was probably sat on Netflix watching 4 Heroes episodes a night with no motivation to do anything, my attendance at college was about 50% and my teachers had nearly given up on me. most days were just a boring struggle consisting of killing time smoking cigarettes and drinking tea in my friends garage... now i'm working for Which's top rated cosmetics and toiletries company, so green it'd give The Hulk a run for his money. it's ethics are everything i stand for and more and now i'm proud to be a part of it. i know it's only retail and it's minimum wage but it's a start and it's somewhere i never thought i'd be just one year ago.. i hope within the next year i can work my way up to be a manager.. imagine that, mother and manager of Lush at 21 years old.

so there's my life at the moment, exciting things are unfolding and christmas is just around the bend, the forecast it's looking pretty good.

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