that's why it's called the best of all

i've been to Bestival two years in a row and it hasn't yet let me down. even though i think last year was a lot better (it may have been a combination of the theme and music that i enjoyed more) i still had so much fun. 
i can't explain to anyone who hasn't been just how much there is to explore. i found out this time that each year there's a secret location that people have to find where there's another arena and music, how bloody amazing is that?!? if that isn't enough to get you excited then let me tell you more. 
there's an ambient forest and cocktail bars, you've got saunas and jacuzzi's, a disco shed, wagamama lounge and a bollywood themed field. because of the theme this year there was also a HMS boat party, need i say more?! okay i will; there's a comedy tent, a swamp shack, oh and i can't forget the big chapel where you can actually get a real pretend wedding. this year i'm so happy i got round to seeing and doing all the things i didn't last time. however, as much as i loved being with my friends and having a whale of a time downing ciders, i couldn't hide how much i missed my two boys back at home. every where i looked i seemed to spot toddlers in prams, babies strapped to their dad's backs or families dressed as sailors, it made me miss my family so much. yes, it was nice having my freedom and being a girl about town field, but all i wanted to do at the end of the night was see the greatest people in my life. 
but that's what makes Bestival so good; it's so family friendly which is a great excuse for us three to go back there and enjoy it together because as much as i love that place, i wouldn't be able to do it without them. 
on a brighter note, here are some pictures of all the fun i did have. oh and big love to Lisa & Martha my favourite girls.
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