monday blues | precious memories

for years i've wanted to create a scrapbook, i love the thought of having all my favourite pictures in one place, i could spend hours looking through old photos getting all nostalgic. one of the reasons i never started one before was because i felt i hardly had any pictures/memories to cherish in a scrapbook, obviously now all that's changed.
when i finally made the decision to buy one i searched high and low for a suitable scrapbook that wasn't covered in girly patterns, i found this beauty on paperchase.
i ordered some prints and as soon as they slid through the letter box nothing was stopping me.
i started the scrapbook from the day Corben arrived, it's a significant day so it makes sense to begin the first page of the scrapbook from then onwards.

it's nowhere near full yet but i know one day in many years Matt & I will probably find it tucked away in a box and flip through the pages with a tear in our eye. it's not the same as just having a photo album, they're all our favourite memories in one place that we can both cherish.
why don't you start a scrapbook to save your most precious memories?

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