monday blues | changing seasons

september has arrived at our doors with a very unpleasant series of wet showers. it's that time of year again where you pull up your socks, wrap a blanket around you and relax with a hot drink. we're all slowly settling back into routine of work, college or for many of you, you're starting a new chapter in your life at university. i'm currently sat in the garden in my pj's and oversized jumper enjoying the autmn breeze, reflecting on this time 3 years ago when i enrolled at college. frightened at what challenges a-level education would throw at me, nervous as to who i would meet: friends and teachers. it seems much longer than just 3 years, but here i am in 2013 a completely different person with huge responsibilities. still ambitious and success driven with many many more hopes and dreams and a far brighter future than that quiet, insecure little girl embarking on a 2 year college course, so unsure of what i was doing with my life.

this past week has moved as quickly as the dark rain cloud above my head. i've had time to relax and have fun for the first time in so long. it's been a well deserved break from the norm and now i've been thrust back into routine which has actually been a sigh of relief - as much as i hate having to wake up the same time very day and go through the same motions i actually love the consistency and security of knowing what's infront of me. it's given me time to reflect on the past year, well the past 3 years as we move onto the next season.

autumn for me signifies change. it's my most favourite time as it encompasses all the things i love; warm fires, cosy blankets, hot chocolate, the scent of cinnamon and not to mention A/W fashion. already i can see the leaves turning yellow, withered and shivering in the cold wind. plants are no longer flourishing. birds and bees alike are dwindling. soon the trees will be scarse and the sky will be painted grey. this is not a sad time for me though, it's hopefull. the autumn months are time for reflection and just like the changing season, i shed my skin ready for a new start.

what does autumn mean to you? reflect on how much your life has changed and how much you've grown as a person

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