life is what happens when you're looking at your mobile phone

okay, i admit, i have a problem. a technical problem. it's sort of embarassing, but i'm not alone here. i think... i think i'm addicted to my mobile phone *wipes sweat from forehead*. i've looked at symptoms online and i've done a bit of self-diagnosing - it's called FOMO: fear-of-missing-out. it sounds dreadful i know. but, the first step to recovery is admitting i have a problem right?

well, i'd like to think it's not that much of a problem however this is all getting a bit... sickly; media, social networking, apps, iOS7, channel 4, big brother, the fried chicken shop, 5' o clock news, blackberry, iPhone bla blagh blah blah blagh;skuighp;aweiog'[awurgb. can i just switch it all off because i'm so bored of it all! what happened to just reading a book, NO, not on your kindle, a real book, with paper pages that i can turn, not swipe. doesn't it worry you that there's a programme about watching other people watch programmes, we're watching other people on our television watch other people on their television! it's called goggle box because it is a goggle box, isn't it sad that we're entertained by that? i'm sick of every conversation i have halted by a bleep from a phone, i have to sit and wait with patience for someone to reply to an email or message while i sit twiddling my thumbs, have you ever stopped to think how rude that is?! we can't even communicate with each other properly because we're scared of missing something that's bound by pixels trapped in a microchip surrounded by glass and plastic.
 all these things are just distracting us from what's happening all around us right now or have you forgotten what that is. okay i'll remind you, it's called earth and it's where life happens and if you lift your head up from your smart phone/laptop/kindle/tablet you might see that it's all happening out there, not trapped within the screen of your iPhone.

when i meet up with friends i want to spend time with them, i don't want to witness this weird clingy relationship they have with their smart phone, where they have to touch it every 4 minutes. in the evening i want to spend time with my family, not facebook. there's nothing happening on my laptop or my phone that's more important and precious than the time i have and the effort i make to be with my most loved ones.

today i'm switching off media 
 i'm deleting social apps from my phone and i'm going to venture outside. i'm taking a break, a permenant break from technology. from this day forward i vow to spend less time on my phone and infront of the goggle box and start living. i might even learn a language. join me and see how much your life improves.

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