brand babies

what really bugs me about some parents, is their obsession with designer clothes.. for their babies. gucci pram shoes, lou vouiton bib, hermes nappies? i don't know what lengths these designers will go to but my opinion is that it's completely unnecessary. what is the point of wasting money on expensive garments for a 6 month old who can't even walk or talk yet? 
what annoys me the most about it all is that it's not for the sake of the child it's for the parents own selfish pleasure. of course i have nothing against other people's taste in clothes, everyone is different and entitled to their own choices, you could dress yourself and your little one in matching outfits if you were that way inclined but when it comes to brands, i think some people go a little overboard on pimping out their baby - personally i wouldn't spend money unnecesarily on designer labels for my son who can't even tell his elbow from his asshole. yes, it's really quite exciting getting to dress your child in things you love, picking out lovely shoes and t-shirts, there are some items that are just too adorable to say no to - like a tiny blue cardigan with ears on the hood, erm guilty - but what i don't get is when they're at such a young age there's absolutely no point in buying brands. the most important thing to consider with baby clothes is practicality and comfort because that's what will make baby happy. even if i had thousands of pounds in the bank i doubt i would parade Corben around advertising LV's latest baby wear, for the reasons above but also because i don't want to raise him thinking that certain clothes with a fancy name stitched into a label defines a person or make that person any better than everyone else. actions speak louder than clothes. i want the best for our son, i want him to have the best of everything and enjoy the luxuries i didn't have but i don't think that can be found inside a wardrobe full of designer clothes. 
don't make your baby a 'brand baby'

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