a bit of news and a note of gratitude

today i'm off to the Isle of Wight to join other festival go-ers at Bestival, this is a scheduled post as i'll be away until Monday, so i'm afraid there will be no posts from me this weekend. however there's some exciting news: i'll be writing a review of the festival when i return which will be published on an online magazine! it's called Small Talk Magazine, it's fairly low profile as the editors have only created it a short while ago. i'm really pleased to share with you that i'll be a regular contributer to their magazine. it's a small step but i'm amazed that i've even had the oppurtunity. when i started this blog i had no idea the kind of praise and positive response i'd recieve. nearly 20 people are following this blog which may not seem a lot to anyone but i never expected anyone to be interested. so to all you of you following me and all of you reading this i'm really grateful for your support and i'm overwhelmed at how many of you like and read my random ramblings. onwards and upwards as they say!

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