what would you do with £20,000?

for the past few weeks Brit Mums have been asking us on twitter what we would spend 20k on. the lotto game is changing on 5th October, giving players more chances to win more prizes. players will get £25 for matching 3 numbers in the draw (up from £10) and 4 numbers (from £60 to £100), and a new raffle guarantees at least 50 winners of £20,000 each draw! and the best bit? when the jackpot rolls, so does the raffle, meaning hundreds more guaranteed £20,000 prizes.  it's hard for me to imagine that amount because i've never seen more than £1000 in my bank account but i think i have a pretty good idea of what i would do with it:
so there's my how i would spend 20k challenge. nothing flashy like a mercedes benz, or a boat. just a head start in life and a few years seeing the big rock we call earth. what would you spend £20.000 on?
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  this post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here – www.national-lottery.co.uk 

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