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i'm a bit late jumping on this bandwagon but i've become seriously addicted to Pinterest. not only have i been goggling over wedding boards, food pins, DIY tricks which there are an endless roll of pins for, i've also found it really useful for style inspiration. it's taken me many years to discover my own personal style, starting from my teenage years i've been a bit all over the place with what i wear/how i want to look and trust me i've had my fair share of wardrobe disasters but i feel most comfortable in myself now. i shop mostly in charity shops which is a trait i've picked up from my mum, dragging me into every charity shop in site has had an obvious affect on me, mortifying at the time when i was 12 i've grown to love it, in fact i have become a bit of a shopoholic for charity shops. i'd say my wardrobe consists of mostly vintage items from 60's to 80's, staple item being a denim jacket.. or 5 and this is all tied together with a pretty ribbon or bow. when it comes to people there a small handful i go to for inspiration to bring together the whole 'look' i'm going for, one of these being lana del rey. now if you know me well you'll know i have an unhealthy obsession with lana del rey; her music, her style, i'm obsessed. she's the self proclaimed 'gangsta Nancy Sinatra'
 Lana Del Rey Style Inspiration
i love the way she's taken a modern twist on the vintage (mainly 60's) era. my obsession for her also started my addiction of buying flower crowns (oops). she's one of the only icons i follow for fashion as i'm not really into the whole beauty & fashion thing, i love to look at the nice things other people wear such as this wonderful blogger  but it's not really my cup of tea, i don't wear much make-up and my purse doesn't accomodate for my shopoholic trait, so i'd be a fish out of water! but (as well as confessing my love for lana) i'm writing about the things i enjoy on here as well as trying to include a range of things, seeing as this is a lifestyle blog after all.

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