parenting: am i doing it right?

ahh parenthood, i don't think anything can quite prepare you for it. once you've dealt with the smelly nappies and projectile vomiting your faced with; the terrible twos, tantrum toddlers and then the dreaded teenage years are thrust upon you. i yet have all this to look forward to. you could say i'm a novice parent as Corben is just shy of five months old and can't talk back yet . however my being a newbie doesn't mean i don't already have strong opinions on this whole parenting thing.
my belief is that your child is a product of you, as obvious as this seems, i think it has been forgotten.
not only is a child a physical and biological representation of you, half of your off-spring's essence is you: meaning: all those annoying, quirky, cool habits you have, your sense of humour, your pet hates all the thouasands of individual things that make you 'you' will also be reflected in your child. there will be some things that unfortunately you won't be able to change because it's in the DNA but generally that little human-being that you created, the immortal sould you gave a life to, is shaped and moulded by you and don't forget because everything you do, everything you think, religious beliefs, traits and bad habits, they're all going to be soaked up by the sponge that is your child's brain. if you don't want your child picking their nose in public they probably get it from you so you need to quit that habit asap. the same goes with foul language, if you're wondering why your sweet innocent 6 year old angel is swearing and throwing tantrums they've probably learned that behaviour from you too. if you want your child to be the politest most gentle and generous person around you have to teach them. well who said raising a child was easy?! i know this all seems pretty obvious but it shocks me that i see parents who don't have this attitude, aimlessly strutting around swearing, smoking and arguing in front of their pure, vulnerable child and wonder why they talk back (yes this is a huge stereotype but i'm trying to make a point).
as parents you need to understand and remember that the small things we take for granted have so much importance, such as manners, eating right, and just being a damn good person. these are all things most people have either forgotten or never been taught (or maybe have been taught but life's harsh events have made them a bitter, rude, and joy-sucking human who can't say please or thank you). i've sacrificed many things (including my body) to ensure that my son will have the best start to life.

if you want the best for you children you have to BE the best for your children.

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