monday blues

for a long time now i've been trying to think of a featured post for my blog. i want it to be something inspiring or at least a weekly 'pick-me-up', something you can look forward to that's gauranteed to make you feel better.
i thought well of course a monday would be perfect for this because monday is everyone's most hated day of the week, right? the inspriation for the title came from the well known January 'blue monday' which is infamously titled the most depressing day of the year - following the boom of Christmas and New Years, we struggle to stick to our resolutions and realise our bank accounts are bone dry with just another whole year to wait to get the festive spirit again. so i want to turn it around. monday's shouldn't be depressing. monday's should be a fresh start, it's a new week, a new day, a blank page, a fresh sheet. so from this monday forth each week i'll be contributing a little something that will hopefully make you all smile (or at least me smile) something to be grateful for or at least something that makes you realise that monday's aint that bad really. so watch this space!

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