monday blues | the snackbox

last week i ordered one of graze's 'nibbleboxes' i recieved a free voucher in a magazine and thought why the hell not?! i've only ever heard good things about it and i've wanted to give it a go for a long time now. and i tell you now i was not disappointed. at the time of ordering it i was in no real anticipation but as the delivery date drew nearer i can't lie i got a little excited, and the excitment was not in vain: when i heard the box slide through my letterbox i quite literally ran to get it. 
the box is seperated into 4 different snacks, i recieved 3 sweet snacks and one savoury, i'll admit i devoured the whole lot in less than an hour it was that good. great things really do come in small packages.
seeing how completely made my morning i thought this would be a perfect way to brighten up your monday, you can get your box delivered every week or fortnightly, you choose the day and the address and viola! free delivery! you can claim a free box courtesy of moi (yes free! aren't i good to you?) using the code 2CYPH4ND. give it a go HERE and shake those monday blues.
(p.s. i haven't been sponsored by Graze i just really like what they're doing and it's so yummy!)

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