fifi's easy double choc. brownies

today i was motivated to do some baking. i read fifi's 'blog 'n' bake' post and had to try these brownies out. last week i attempted 'best ever brownies' over on the Good Food wesbite which was a total mistake because it was the first time i'd ever baked brownies and stupidly enough i started making it without reading the entirety of the recipe, so half way through when it came to mixing the ingredients, i was one electric whisk short and ended up whisking by hand for about half an hour to get the right consistency, they definitely were not bloody worth the effort (even though they were actually delicious). so this morning i thought i would brave the cooking utensils again.

fifi's recipe is so easy and it took no longer than 35 minutes (excluding the very brisk walk to the shop to pick up eggs). i didn't put milk chocolate chunks in because white chocolate seemed plenty. the brownies need no longer than 20 minutes in the oven and they taste just wonderful. satisfied my sweet spot.

you can find the recipe here at fifi's blog 

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