"everything in life is connected, the point is to know it and understand it"

this is a guest post by Lisa Williams

when you look back on things that have happened to you in your life, you should be able to see why they happened. whether they were good or bad, they happened for a reason. either to introduce you to new people, change your path, teach you a lesson or make you grow as a person.

you may not get that job, because if you did, something bad might have happened to you. for example, i crashed my car last year, i managed to flip it whilst driving to work, i was hung-over and to be frank i wasn't a very responsible driver. luckily i didn't hurt myself or anyone in the crash, just my car. this happened to teach me not to drive like a crazy person because i am fragile. i recon if i didn't crash something much worse would have happened. it changed me for the better.

things may seem awful at the time but you will look back on it in retrospect and realize why it happened.
i am happy that everything i've ever been through has happened to me, because without it i wouldn't be who or where i am right now.

life is like a massive spiders web, woven together with people, places, faces, loss, suffering, happiness and memories.

i hope that one day when i’m old and grey i will look back at everything in my life and it will all make perfect sense and i hope that i am happy with where i am at that point in time.
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