don't believe everything you read


so this weeks victim of Britain's newspaper headlines is Jamie Oliver. the poor guy has been slandered from every direction for apparently telling those with '‘massive fucking TVs’ need to shop at their local market instead of buying chips to eat from Styrofoam containers' this quote was taken from today’s Guardian and Telegraph. according to the twitter i'm one of few people who still admire Jamie Oliver, personally i think he's changed the eating culture in this country from all those years ago when he abolished unhealthy meals from schools (some may argue it was headed that way anyway). i have a lot of respect for someone who can come from a middle/working class background and make something of themselves: he's made a living doing what he loves and this is the exact attitude and behaviour i aspire to. although my opinion on this is bias i can't help but wonder how true newspaper headlines actually are. each day someone else in the public eye is targeted, if it's not Peter Andre or the Royal Family it's Jamie Oliver? i fail to see what exactly it is he's done wrong, even if the story contains one ounce of truth, he's allowed an opinion right? or am i confused as to what free speech is? i don't think people like Jamie Oliver or ANYONE in the public eye should be scrutinised over something they might or might have not said. 
it seems that newspapers would do pretty much do anything to sell a story because, like i've discussed in a previous post, lies sell for the sole fact that this country are fiends for gossip and rumours. even though the majority of people seem to realise stories are plucked out of thin air to attract attention, everyone still gives in to it blindly. come on! this is the exact reason i stopped watching the news along with reading newspapers, i don't care if this seems ignorant of me, but i refuse to be fed lies by; magazines, newspapers, bulletins, tv, adverts, cereal packets you name it.
 if you want to know what's going on around the world get off your sofa from behind your 'massive fucking TV' and visit the countries you have such interest in and see the truth for yourself.

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