'the howler'

this thursday evening i attended The House of Wolf to see the lovely Chlöe Howl perform. i won't lie i hadn't had much time to listen to many of her songs but i have heard such good things about her music so i knew i would just love it. so when Lisa invited me i couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to finally hear & see her live. luckily Lisa won a free ticket with a +1, so of course she invited me haha. a couple of people informed that this venue looked very quirky and sort of dark and mysterious, i wasn't sure what to expect but i was excited none the less (not only because there were going to be free drinks provided).

i met Lisa in London and we headed (again on the undergroud for the second time this week) up to Islington to find this place. we did stop for something to eat at the nearest weatherspoons.
upon arrival we were given bright red wristbands allowing us to collect free drinks at the bar and go in and out of the venue as we wished. when entering there was already a good crowd of people inside mingling and drinking. seeing as it was nearly an hour until Chlöe would be performing we siezed this oppurtunity to grab our free drinks, ordering tall cocktails in large quantities. the cocktail of the night was 'The Howler' an interesting mix of peach, mint and whiskey. I'm not the biggest fan of whiskey but it seemed to do the trick as we kept ordering them throughout the night. we slurped them up in anticipation of the music.

when Chlöe came on stage all eyes were fixated (probably by the cool hip swinging and head bobbing). she performed her new single 'No Strings' (which is available to pre-order on iTunes i believe) as well as 'I Wish I Could Tell You' along with a couple of her other songs. it was a great performance which made the whole place come alive. after the guitar strumming, drum beating and singing ceased, we all proceeded to get slightly tipsy with the copious amounts of alcohol. thank you girls for a lovely night. 
(excuse the crap pictures but it was the first time testing out my new camera!)


check out Chlöe's music on her website // chloehowl.com

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