roses really smell like poo

after reading A Thrifty Mrs' post this morning i was urged to share my thoughts on the same topic - about how online lives look so flawless.  it's so easy to be fooled by perfectly placed and polished photos just as easily as it is to fool friends and readers into thinking your life is perfect by sifting through hundreds of photos to find the one where your hair falls just right or your arm fat isn't quite showing in that one. we're all guilty of it, and we're all guilty of being sucked in by other peoples falsely fabulous internet lives. i see it all the time, a couple will be spending the evening out enjoying a few alcaholic beverages when suddenly, a camera is pulled out from the depths of a clutch bag, an awkward, slightly embarassing pose is forced and a few dozen snaps are taken to probably, at a later date be edited and shared on facebook or instagram. or a teenage girl and her friend will be soaking up the sun by the pool when *CLICK* a quick snap is taken of all the fun they're having.. it makes me wonder what's is more important, is it the real physical here & now? or the finely filtered online fantasy world? 
real vs false.

as much as i love taking a glamarous shot every now and then to share online and get approval from the people i know, i won't let that consume me. i won't let that be the reason i pretend to do fun things, i actually want to do fun things and forget to take photos because i'll be having such a good time i won't care about sharing it on the internet!

so in the words of outkast here are my last thoughts on this subject; 'i know you like to think your shit don't stink but roses really smell like poo'

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