pimms and lunch at the wool pack

this is the first post i'm doing of this type because truthfully most my days now consist of lazily pottering around the house or taking long walks to the park, or around the town if i want a change of scenery. my social life is slowing down a little so it was nice to have a day where i could actually do something slightly productive and have a little quality time with mama/grandma helsdown. we spent the first half of the morning indoors trying to cool down in the humidity. we then packed everything into the car (pushchair, car-seat, changing bag etc, you need to carry so much crap when you have a baby), and headed to aylesbury only to get caught in the thunderstorm on the way!. mum and i have been dying to try this pub out for such a long time as we've pass it so often on our travels. it's called 'the wool pack', it looks great with plenty of outdoor seating. even though it's set on a main road when you're enjoying the sun and the decor it feels like it could be right out in the countryside. it's a cute building with a cottage feel, equipt with wooden beams, low ceilings and a white wash. the garden furniture is very stylish with a homely touch of flowerpots on each table. i wish i took plenty of pictures but i only had my phone and i was silly enough to leave the house with only 20% so it died on me just after the food arrived (luckily). oh and the food was delicious. there was such a variety from; lobster to gourmet burgers, salads and poussion. in the end i went for a hearty main dish of traditional sausage mash & gravy (my favourite) and the salmon, dill and mustard fish cake to start. mum chose the ceaser salad which came with aspargus and anchovies generously thrown in. to wash it all done we had a fruity, refreshing pimms, how could i say no?! Corben had a great time eyeing up all the food and of course he had to have something to eat while were there shortly before falling asleep in my arms. this lovely pub would be perfect for an early christmas dinner with the family, i think i may have to book a large table for the occasion.

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