parenthood is the new 20

this is just something i've been reflecting on a lot recently and i just wanted to say that, the funny thing is about having a child is that you'd think it would completely stop your life. the popular belief is that, you know, once you settle down and have children then it's beginning of the end, the you before offspring is burnt to ashes and you become 'mum' or 'dad' and you can only re-live your glory days while nostalgically sifting through photo albums. well the truth is, my life has become far more colourful: i'm in the process of meeting people, going out more, spending more time with the people around me, i'm doing stuff that i never even had the confidence to do before. i now cherish any time i get to myself, even having a bubble bath is a luxury these days. i see my close friends and family far more now than i did before which is great, whereas i used to take all that for granted. my weekly schedule is now full up: i'm constantly trying to fill each day with something different to do and someone new to see, or something nice that the family can all do together. having Corben has enriched my life in so many ways, i now have a wonderful (and can i say very handsome) boyfriend/partner/significant other/not yet fiance but hopefuly one day and i have met such wonderful people sharing the same experience as me, your life doesn't stop when you have a baby, it truly starts.
whoever tells you otherwise doesn't know shit.

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