i'm going to london to BURN a heat magazine

i am completely shocked at the material these stupid celebrity magazines have been using to sell themselves. i also saw a blog post not long ago about heat magazine classing breast-feeding as 'icky'. well this got my blood to boiling point. (i could talk about this in a seperate topic all together). if you're one of these people who stop by your local store to stack up dirty gossip magz, shame on you. shame on your being sucked into the lies and crap used to sell a story. but the things is, shit like that works, it sells over and over again because people thrive on bitching and being a bitch. i feel like i'm in a mean girls scene as i say this but i'm certain that all of you reading this have either spoken badly about someone behind their back or been the victim of gossip. see the thing about it is, there are no rules to bitchiness, you can be as vague or as specific as you like, it doesn't even have to be the truth and when it comes to who, well it doesn't matter, it can be your friend, her cousin, his dog and the next door neighbour, but at the end of the day who cares. WHO CARES?!. so what if that brunette from school is cheating on her husband. who cares if kate moss a new car. if it does not immediately affect your life then it's insignificant, irrelivant, mundane, pointless, not worthy of being spoken of or consuming your life.

when people try to talk to me about Rihanna and her sex life, or Kim Kardashian and hers, i just want to scream 'i don't give a shit' and neither should you. unfortunately all this is printed in every magazine and makes millions. i'm sick of OK and Heat telling me how to shape up my bod for the summer or how Kate is going to lose weight after giving birth, give her a break, she has just left the god damn hospital! evidently the majority of the population are brainwashed into thinking that idle crap is important. stop involving yourself with gossip. stop being inticed by magazines. stop idolising celebrities, who are actually just human beings. this is reality slapping you in the face, shaking you while simultaneously shouting 'get a fucking life!'

 'small minds discuss people, good minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas'
p.s sorry for the profanity but i was ranting, ok? ok.

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