and the bigot of the year award goes to..

earlier today i came across this video on the popular tv show 'this morning'. my initial reaction was 'i want to throw a brick at her face'. what a bigoted woman. how dare she judge and categorise children by instantaneous dislike of their name. and what an insensitive statement to make that every boy called Tyler is misbehaved. she boasts about hating seasonal and geographical names while her own daughter is called India.. well i suggest those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. if she theorises that geographical names such as this are an example of children from an unpriveleged background then what does that say about herself and her choice of upbringing for her children. her posh accent does not disguise her complete lack of eloquence surrounding the subject she clearly feels so passionately about. i feel utterly sympathetic for her children who, thanks to this narrow minded ignorant way of thinking, will grow up to be pompous brats.
however, on second thought i can't pretend to not be slightly worried or concerned if Corben approached me in five years asking 'mummy, can i play with Bentley & Charmaine', even so i wouldn't go to the extent of forbidding Corben to befriend them on the basis that other parents have different taste in name choice than i. in some respects i understand Katie on the moral that you want the best for your children and wouldn't want them getting into a wrong crowd or sociolising with delinquents, but if you raise your child correctly and teach them to have a good judge of character and to think for themselves you won't have to worry about them smoking outside the school gates with Chardonnay, because they will know better.
so well done Katie Hopkins for showing the nation how simply ignorant and stupid you actually are.

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