hunger games of social media

this post is a branch off of my last post, if you read it you'll know i mentioned how social media is good at bringing people together, strangers becoming acquaintances and then friends and how wonderful social networks are at creating relationships. however i want to express my thoughts on the subject of social media. i feel very strongly about how it's quickly spiralling out of control: our privacy as now pretty much non-existent, nothing is left to the imagination anymore, anonymity is a myth.. people everywhere are boasting and flashing their private lives on screen for virtual attention and i don't think it's healthy. many of us now have the wrong idea about what these web sites should be used for - the heart of all social networking is to allow people alike to connect on a worldwide scale, talking, meeting and sharing, but for significant and interesting information.. this is an incredible luxury we have at our disposal however it's become a cruel hunger game of popularity. it's now a contest and a very boring one at that. if you haven't heard, likes are the new currency, people are willing to sacrifice; friends, dignity, morals and respect all in return for an insignificant virtual like that we seem to have forgotten don't mean a damn thing in the real physical world.

don't get me wrong i am a huge fan of the internet it's a remarkable tool in itself as well as technology: it's improved our way of living substantially, we have more knowledge now than ever before, allowing us as a race to continuously progress forward which makes it so unfortunate that this lies at the epitome of it all.

we need to revert back to what social networks were created for: to be in touch, to share, to laugh and enjoy media without an ulterior motive of internet fame or popularity.

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