don't stay in school kids

a conversation discussed at the Helsdown residence was of the education system in this country, here are my thoughts on just that:
education is a safety blanket protecting you from facing reality. it's an excuse to cling onto youth a little while longer. while you're in education you can get away with having no responsibilities (or at least less of them), you have something to tell people when they ask what you're doing with your life. i can't be the only one that's been scrutinised by relatives at the dinner table about 'what exactly it is i do again'.
society have made it seem mandatory that young people must go to Uni and stay in education as long as possible to make anything of themselves, well frankly this is bullshit. during my 5 years at school every teacher would brainwash you into thinking GCSE's are the most substantial tests you'll take that will set you up for life and without them you won't go anywhere. some of the most successful and famous people dropped out of school: Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Elton John and Princess Diana are just a named few. 
education is not for everyone, especially if you have the attention span of a goldfish. i'm the type of person who loves to learn, but the joy of it has been completely diminished. it's now nothing more than a test of memory. i remember feeling completely frustrated while studying my a-levels, it wasn't about learning but remembering and reciting information solely for exams, this was thoroughly stressed from day one.. throughout the course we discussed possible questions in the exam and how to answer them correctly with specific terminology to get the right amount of points that will get an A, all rather than simply learning and enjoying the subject.
once you enter the 'real world' you realise that a letter or number written on a piece of paper that took 2/3/4 or 5 years of your youth to obtain is no comparison to experience. anyone can read a textbook but it's almost fact that those with years of experience are far more respected. the best knowledge you'll acquire is only through life experience, because the most important things cannot be taught from a text book.
in school nobody teaches you the things that really matter, information that is useful and essential to survive as an adult in this country, like how to manage your money, the people skills you need to avoid being hated by all your peers and future colleagues, how to think for yourself and be your own person. they forget to tell you that; failure isn't always negative it creates character and not everyone is out to get you so don't play victim but nor is everyone on your side, don't be Regina George. and lastly nobody ever teaches you that unfortunately there are some things you'll only learn with age (i realise this is a completely patronising statement a parent would say to their child but hey, i am one now). instead they teach you math, and then harder math, and science and then harder science that will never ever be applied to our day to day routine. i'm yet to use Pythagora's Thereom or algebra while i shop for carrots.

the important thing to remember is that being a failure in education doesn't mean you're a failure as a person, there will be many challenges you'll face that will teach you more than any school could ever teach you so don't let anyone put you in a box and tell you you're not good enough. don't waste your time and money on education if it isn't for you, do what the fuck you want and don't let society tell you otherwise.

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